laptop repair luton

Laptop repair

Is your Laptop overheating,running slow,freezing,not starting ? Or you need a screen replacement,an upgrade to keep up with latest applications or make it dust-free?
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pc repair luton

Pc repair

Is your Pc slower,giving you blue screen's, error messages,not keeping up with latest games ? We can software tweak it, upgrade or custom-build another from scratch.
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console wii ps3 repair luton

Console repair or mod

Is your Ps3,Wii,Xbox turning off,making noise,not running as quick as it was ? Or you might want to unleash it's power and be able to backup and play your games from USB ?
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android phones repair luton

Phone unlock or repair

Is your Android,IOS phone slow,restarting,not charging,have broken screen,water damage or not working at all ? You just want to unlock it or a custom ROM (OS) ?
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Why Chose Us ?

We value our customers and we are keen to do a great job.

We repair, upgrade and speed-up any Pc Laptop Console Phone and help you with network problems.

And on top of that,we offer warranty on everything.

Our goal is to inspire,develop and improve while offering best value for money.
We offer exceptional services to our clients and achive maximum customer satisfaction.
We are glad to help individuals as well as offering service packages for companies.
You can either come to us,send us your equipment,book a remote assistance session or we can come to you.
Our experts team can assist you with any issue that you might have with your equipment and also we can upgrade or develop solutions to suit your needs.
We can set-up your home, office or company computers and network.
We analyze your system or business and recommend the best solution for you ( Custom Build Solutions, Software Cleanup, Hardware or Software Upgrade,Periodic Maintenance Service ).
Big or small, your problem is important to us, we can fix anything from a simple configuration problem to very challenging hardware or software issues that your equipment might have.
We offer Desktop Pc Repairs, Laptop Repairs, Phone Repairs and Game Console Repairs ( PS3, Playstation, X-Box, Wii ).
Best computer repair services in Luton.
If you require assistance with something that is not listed,feel free to Contact Us